Welcome!  My name is Carol Rogers and I am very much a hobbyist when it comes to photography.  My husband, Mike, and I share a great passion for travel, and I have always loved to take photographs of the places we visit.  As I approached retirement in 2019, I started to develop my skills as a photographer so that I could better capture all the travels we had planned.  When the pandemic came and put paid to those plans, I couldn't just put the photography aside, so I ventured out into our backyard and started taking photos of the beautiful plants and flowers that Mike had cultivated over the years.   I quickly fell in love with floral and nature photography, with all of its creative possibilities.  In time this led to exploration of abstracts and other creative uses of color, light and shapes.
I've created this space so that I can share some of my favorite images.  I hope you enjoy them.  If there are any that you particularly like, please send me a note!

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